Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is a still from the latter part of ASSIETTE, our stop-motion film collaboration with Chef Jordan Kahn. The final piece will have it's online premiere within the next few weeks. We must say, we couldn't have picked a better chef to work with.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here is a sneak peek at some takes from the finale sequence of our short film Zergüt-- about a world of ingredients that exist within a refrigerator. The movie merges stop-motion animation techniques with high speed film making and is in it's final weeks of post-production. It is scheduled to premiere in a couple of months! Stay tuned, we are in the home stretch...

Monday, May 16, 2011

We are a multimedia artist duo who first bonded over exchanging secret soup recipes, sharing a love for Michelangelo Antonioni, and creating stop-motion animation films with Boule pastries. We have an intense passion for realizing projects that bridge cinema with gastronomy-- this is our new blog, The Edible Escape, a place for us to keep you posted on the progress of our collaborations as well as feature discussions about the things we look at, taste, and find inspiring. We are so excited to launch this and hope you will visit us regularly. 

For the past month, we have been working with chef Jordan Kahn of RED MEDICINE in Los Angeles to collaborate on an animated film that features one of his dishes assemble itself to completion. With this project, the roles of film maker and chef have become beautifully blurred, as we have been putting our minds together to realize a whimsical landscape on a plate that can endure the rigorous process of stop-motion film making. For now, we can't divulge more details, though we're dying to, but the film will be ready soon and is slated to premiere later this month online. We'll keep you posted on the details as they come. We're so excited to share it with you.

In preparation for our shoot, Jordan invited us into his kitchen during a busy evening shift to witness where all of his culinary magic takes place. Upon first walking into his space, the aroma of fresh meyer lemon zest, pork glaze, fennel seeds, and an assortment of Eastern spices filled our lungs, with the sights of vats of purple chive flowers in full bloom, bushels of chamomile overflowing, chefs with tweezers delicately sculpting edible creations over sleek white plates, and rolled jelly delights swirling around us. We were truly in paradise, a paradise which brought us into the underbelly of Kahn's cooking and essentially, into his motivations and unique accent as one of our favorite culinary visionaries. These are some quick pictures we took of him and his team at work. What struck us most was his ability to honor, integrate, and highlight the natural forms of his ingredients with such artistry and discipline.